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Florencia Micaela Mouriño
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English version:

HI! As you can see mi name is Florencia Mouriño! :meow: I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm 18 years old and I have 2 brothers with a pretty beautiful cat, his name is Lolo >w< I'm not an artist, I'm just a girl that love to draw all that comes to my mind in the moment. I don't have any specialities (yet) so I draw so much things, like animals, anime series, and more things! >w<
I don't speak english very well, so understand me if i have ortography and grammatical mistakes! Hope you like my drawings and hope we can be friends! :heart:


Spanish version:

Hola! Como pueden ver mi nombre es Florencia Mouriño! :meow: Vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tengo 18 años y dos hermanos con un hermoso gato llamado Lolo >w< No soy una artista, soy sólo una chica que ama dibujar todo lo que viene a mi cabeza en el momento. No tengo ninguna especialidad (Todavía) por lo que dibujo muchas cosas, como animales, series de anime, y muchas cosas más! >w<
No se hablar Inglés muy bien, asi que entiendanme porfavor si tengo errores de ortografía y gramática! Espero que les guste miis dibujos y espero que podamos ser amigos! :heart:


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Kiriban winner(s)??!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 5:54 PM

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Well, I'm confused now xD I received two screenshots of two different persons who validly catched the kiriban lol Is it a bug? Or Photoshop? It doesn't seem that, but if it's on a first come, Suephy is the winner xDI am a dummy!  (Given by the time he sent me the note, almost one hour earlier than the other one lel) So i need to ask you if u want your price in points (400 Points ) or the Core membership (1 month) Worship #1 Congratulations!  :squee:Airborne  

And Dark-Arctic-Fox please don't hate me Sad dummy  I need to chose only one winner because i don't have enough points hmm  I could only be able give to you 50 points as a consolation prize I surrender! 

Anyway thanks to all who participated on this little kiriban Clap And stay tuned cuz i'm preparing something for these days :happybounce:  See ya later ~~~Hi! 


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  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Two steps from hell - Miracles
  • Reading: El temor de un hombre sabio - Patrick Rothfuss


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The first person to comment on this poll will get a FREE COLOURED AND DETAILED HEADSHOT :squee: 

2 deviants said (Only one winner XD)
1 deviant said I'm doing this cuz i need to practice traditional too :dummy:
1 deviant said Hurry up! :woohoo: :typerhappy:




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